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About $9,000 In Fake Bills Found Under Suspect's Mattress, Police Say

LEWISTON, Maine -- Police have arrested a man and could arrest others after confiscating more than $14,000 of counterfeit money in Lewiston.

Lewiston police, working with the U.S. Secret Service, arrested Byron Smith, 29, on Wednesday and charged him with aggravated forgery.

Investigators said they uncovered the counterfeit money and other evidence at Smith's home on Montello Street in Lewiston. Authorities said about $9,000 in fake money was found under Smith's mattress.

The fake bills have been floating around central Maine since last spring, authorities said.

Police credited Smith's arrest to vigilant business owners and police work.

"The general public has a lot of information on these types of things, and it's just a lot of times, it's a question of asking the right folks and getting the right answers and good police work," Lewiston Deputy Police Chief Mike Bussiere said. "It's huge to have the community helping out in these types of things."

Police said smith could also face federal charges, which could carry a 10-year prison sentence.
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