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LEOMINSTER -- An alleged road-rage incident Sunday night ended in three arrests and a tense scene at the Litchfield Terrace apartment complex, according to police reports.
Four people allegedly attacked a Leominster woman and Peabody man while they sat at a stop light on Mechanic Street, according to a report from Officer Carlos Cintron.
The 20-year-old woman driving noticed a car following closely behind her with its lights off as she drove off the Leominster Connector exit from Route 2 westbound around 8 p.m., Cintron wrote.
"(The alleged victim) stated that ... when she stopped (at a light) the green car parked to the right of the road and four people got out of the car," Cintron wrote.
One of the suspects allegedly unlocked her car door and pulled her out of the car by her arm before she was able to get free, Cintron wrote.
Another suspect punched the 22-year-old male passenger through the window.
The passenger then punched his assailant in the face before a third suspect beat him and cut him with the plastic wind deflector from the window, Cintron wrote.
The assailants also kicked the car and tried "to rip off the rear spoiler of the vehicle," according to the report.
"(The alleged male victim) stated that one of them began to punch the window and when he could not break it, took his belt and broke the rear passenger side window with the belt buckle," Cintron wrote. The female victim called police about 20 minutes after she left her car with police as evidence, saying she had "found the car" and her alleged assailants on Terrace Drive.

Officer Michael J. DeLuca arrived on scene and spotted "several individuals lurking in a shady area on the side of the ... building. All parties had just walked away from the caller/victim."
Officer Christopher Cordio told DeLuca one of the men had thrown a "blunt instrument" into nearby shrubs.
DeLuca ordered one of the men, Angel Colon, 29, of 740 Central St., Leominster, to show his hands, but Colon allegedly refused, keeping his hand in his waist band.
DuLuca and Cordio pulled their guns for safety as residents began to crowd around the officers, jeering at them, DeLuca wrote.
"They began to shout obscenities at us," DeLuca wrote. "Both units became severely outnumbered in a matter of seconds. I then advised dispatch to send additional units."
Colon eventually got on the ground and as officers arrived for crowd control, they handcuffed two other suspects.
The alleged victims identified Colon as one of the alleged attackers and said two of the others had run from the commotion on Terrace Drive.
Police arrested Neftali Gonzalez, 17, of 20A Cheryl Drive, No. 4, Leominster, and charged him with malicious destruction of property worth more than $250 and assault and battery in connection with the alleged attack on the man and woman in the car.
Leominster District Court Judge John J. Curran Jr. ordered both Colon and Gonzalez held on bail Monday during their arraignments.
Curran ordered Colon held on $7,500 cash bail.
Colon is charged with two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery to intimidate and malicious destruction of property worth over $250.
Gonzalez is being held on $1,500 cash bail, according to court documents.
Another man, identified as Julio Alicea-Romero, 20, of Shrewsbury, allegedly rode a bike into the immediate area where police officers had ordered several suspects to the ground at gunpoint, according to Cordio's report.
Alicea-Romero began to laugh at the officers and yell at them in Spanish, Cordio reported. He also wore black and gold, commonly known as the colors of the Latin Kings street gang, Cordio wrote.
DeLuca reported Alicea-Romero's actions threatened the safety of all the people involved.
"Any reasonable person that observed several uniformed police officers that had three suspects proned out at gun point would understand that it is a secured area," he wrote.
Police released one of the people who had been ordered to the ground, reporting the person had no part in the earlier assault in the car.
Police arrested Alicea-Romero and charged him with disorderly conduct and forging/misusing a Registry of Motor Vehicles document, as police allegedly found a fake ID on him.
He was released on personal recognizance in court Monday. All three are due in court Aug. 27 for pretrial hearings.
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