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LEOMINSTER -- A Leominster man allegedly sparked a massive police search Tuesday night after sending his girlfriend photo of a self-inflicted cut on his wrist via a cell phone, according to police reports.
Wayne Houck, 32, allegedly contacted the 23-year-old woman several times while officers searched the city for him, according to Officer Jared Phillips.
Phillips wrote in a report that Houck could be charged for an alleged domestic assault and battery after the woman reported to police Houck had kicked her 2-year-old son in the ribs, then punched the boy in the chest.
The woman told Phillips the incident had happened four days earlier after Houck allegedly became angry when her son spilled chocolate milk mix. Houck allegedly then turned on her and hit her.
"She stated that she was able to get away soon after, and she went to stay with her sister until things cooled off," Phillips reported.
The woman called police Tuesday night when she received the picture message of Houck's lacerated wrist, and Phillips reported dispatchers worked with the cell phone provider to try to locate the cell phone as he sporadically called the woman's phone. "Eventually he did contact his girlfriend and began giving her little bits of info," Phillips wrote. "He stated that he was in his vehicle, and was in one spot and not moving at all. While searching the city, (another officer) advised that he had found the vehicle at Fournier field in the back, but the male was not with the vehicle."

Phillips wrote officers surrounded the field and the State Police used dogs to try to pick up a scent, while officers attempted to search along the nearby woods with the Fire Department's thermal imaging cameras.
Meanwhile, Houck began speaking with a police dispatcher, who talked with him for about 30 minutes, attempting to get him to come out of the woods.
He eventually left the woods, and was transported to the hospital.
He wore a hospital gown and a bandage around one of his wrists at his arraignment in Leominster District Court on Wednesday afternoon on three counts of assault and battery, .
Court psychologist Paul Bail testified Houck did not appear to suicidal Wednesday, and said he has "some social support in place" through family in the area. Judge Martha Brennan ordered him held on $500. Houck's attorney, Michael Taylor, of Leominster, noted he has no prior criminal history. Houck is ordered to have no contact with his alleged victims.
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