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ATTLEBORO - A former Norton man apparently got up on the wrong side of the law Monday.

Alexander N. Blinow, 22, of Chepachet, R.I., was arrested at Attleboro District Court after an incident triggered by his sleeping in the main courtroom.

When awakened by Chief of Court Officers John Morrill around 9:15 a.m., Blinow asked Morrill if sleeping in a courtroom was "against the law."

Morrill told Blinow that "if he wanted to sleep, he should go home."

Blinow continued arguing his point, and Morrill asked him to leave the building or face arrest, according to court records. Within two minutes, Associate Court Officer Adam Castro called to the courtroom to report a disturbance at the main entrance on South Main Street.

It turned out to be Blinow, who was yelling at someone.

Attleboro police arrested Blinow and charged him with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and disrupting court proceedings.

Judge David Turcotte released Blinow on personal recognizance following arraignment, and continued the case to Jan. 26.

Turcotte fined Blinow in two unrelated matters dating back to 2007, when Blinow resided at 57 Richardson Ave. in Norton.

Turcotte found Blinow guilty of trespassing and fined him $100 in an Aug. 9, 2007, incident at the then-Tweeter Center in Mansfield.

Tweeter Security Manager Roland Smart saw Blinow distributing flyers in the VIP parking lot during the Vans Warped Tour concert that day.

Smart had recognized Blinow from an incident two weeks earlier, when Mansfield Police arrested Blinow and charged him with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and possession of a class D substance during a Rock the Bells concert.

Turcotte found Blinow guilty of disorderly conduct in connection with that incident, and fined him $200.

He also found Blinow guilty of the drug charge, and fined him $200, but dismissed the resisting arrest charge at prosecutors' request.
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