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Law Enforcement Driver Training

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I moderate a web site dedicated to law enforcement driver training. As many of you know, more officers are killed in a vehicle than in violent encounters. Lat year marked the highest number of pursuit deaths for officers. The site's mission is to encourage more training for officers. I am also looking for a fellow driving instructor to assist me in the northeast. I have an associate page where instructors from across the U.S. assist me in getting the message out. If you are interested, let me know. Everyone is welcome to the site:

This is not a profit site but informational.
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Good web-site, but I did not see anything for training in relation to Massachusetts. Are you going to be starting a new training facility here or is it going to be just a EVOC training for a certain period?
It's not a training center. It is designed to assist other trainers. Curriculum, Policy, Tecniques, etc.
As municipal police officers in Massachusetts we are trained in EVOC by the Mass State Police. Maybe you should post on their forum. I am sure they would be happy to have any assistance with Curriculum, Policy, Tecniques, etc.. :lol:
So each department must rely on the State Police? Do individual departments not control their EVOC training. What about periodic training, squad meeting training, inservice, etc. Surely the State Police can't do all of that. I doubt the State Police needs any help if they have established training. This is more for an agency that needs assistance or wants to start a program.
Most municipal departments in Mass attend regional, state-run academies. There are only a few select departments that run their own academies and would have their own EVOC program and as far as I know, even those EVOC programs are run by the State Police. EVOC is not a part of any in-service training as far as I know. I've also been told that even if an officer was willing to pay his/her own way, there is no further driver training currently available beyond EVOC at the basic recruit level.
That is similiar to most states including mine. Although many agencies are seeing the problem of no further training and implementing in-services. Even if it is just class room. The logic is simple: we drive our cars every day, sometimes in an emergency capacity. Driving is a regressive skill similiar to firearms. Meaning that without practice and training, skills will be lost. If we don't train in driving after the basic academy we are setting up the officer for failure.

I believe we are behind the curve when it comes to this. You don't have to look any further than the annual line of duty deaths. More officers are killed behind the wheel than any other way. Be safe!
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