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Lakewood police shooting results in suspensions

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LAKEWOOD - The accidental shooting of Lakewood Police Officer James Davies has resulted in "significant" suspensions for the two officers who took on supervisory roles at the scene the night the well-liked officer was killed.
Internal police memos authored by Lakewood Police Chief Kevin Paletta and obtained by 9News also indicate the officer who fired the fatal shot will not face suspension and could be back to work as early as next week.
Officer Devaney Braley shot and killed Davies back in November during a "shots fired" call near the 1900 block of Eaton Street. A report released in June indicated the presence of multiple mistakes and missteps during the chaotic response that contributed to the death of Davies. Braley said he believed Davies - who was behind a fence at the time - was an armed suspect when he fired.
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While the Chief's August 9 letter to Lakewood PD staff does not mention Braley by name, it indicates his "return to duty will be a gradual one. The employee will transition back to the department in an administrative capacity of some sort. The exact assignment has not yet been identified.... Eventually, the employee will transition from the administrative assignment to an operational assignment, likely in the Patrol Division. I anticipate that taking several additional weeks or possibly even months."
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Poor guys.....
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