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By Shay Randle
The Advertiser

LAFAYETTE, La. - Law enforcement officials Monday released the name of the officer and the man shot dead Saturday as he was reportedly trying to flee police in a stolen car.

The man shot by the officer is Shane Damond, 37, of Lafayette, according to Trooper David Anderson, spokesman for the Louisiana State Police.
Anderson said Damond''s family was informed of the shooting the day it happened but requested police not release the man''s name.
The officer who shot Damond has been identified by state police as Mich ael Milazzo, a 4-year veteran of the Lafayette Police Department.

Identities of the victim and officer were not released Saturday after the incident.
Damond died at a local hospital early Saturday after the incident happened around 1:30 a.m. at the Circle K convenience store at the corner of Mudd and Louisiana avenues.
Lafayette police say the officer spotted a vehicle in the store parking lot that had been reported stolen on Wednesday. The officer then approached the vehicle and attempted to take the suspect into custody.
The suspect then allegedly began backing up the vehicle, dragging the officer. The officer fired his weapon, striking the suspect and bringing the vehicle to a stop, police said.
The officer was treated and released at a local hospital following the incident.
State police are investigating the shooting, as is the case with any situation where an officer kills a suspect in a crime. Third-party investigations are sta ndard procedure for an unbiased investigation of incident.
For now, the officer remains on administrative leave with pay until the investigation is complete.
Anderson said it could take at least three or four months for the investigation to come to an end.
Anderson said he was not able to provide the race of the officer even as the shooting has struck some in the community as one that may be race-related.

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