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Koutoujian seeks delegation.

Discussion in 'Sheriffs' started by 9X19, Aug 15, 2013.

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    The Armenian Democratic Liberal Party is announcing its endorsement of Peter Koutoujian in his bid to become the newest member of the Massachusetts delegation to the US House of Representatives. He seeks the 5th Middlesex District seat vacated by Edward Markey, who has now become a US senator, replacing John Kerry, who in turn has become Secretary of State.
    Koutoujian is currently the sheriff of Middlesex County, the latest in the string of public positions he has held, to great acclaim, including prosecutor at the Middlesex Country District Attorney’s office.
    He was formerly a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, where he represented his constituents in parts of Waltham and Newton honorably. He has worked for the rights of victims of domestic violence, greater access to healthcare and women’s rights.
    Koutoujian, a Democrat, was a catalyst for the creation of the Armenian Heritage Park in Boston, located near some of the city’s main tourist attractions. It has become a landmark not only noted for its beauty, but for the public-private collaboration that helped create it.
    As sheriff, he has taken an office that was once known for cronyism and corruption, and brought trust and dignity back to it. In fact, he was handpicked by Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick to take the helm, after the resignation of the former sheriff. He has brought his compassionate approach to the prisoners he oversees, among other things, converting an unused room in the county jail to a chapel where the inmates can pray or meditate.
    Within the Armenian community, he has been a member of the Knights of Vartan for many years and is a regular presence in Armenian cultural and social programs. He stands out — often literally because of his height — at many Armenian programs around the state, including the annual commemoration of the Armenian Genocide at the Massachusetts State House in April.
    He faces stiff opposition for the October 15 primary, ahead of the December 10 special election and needs the support of all Armenians.
    For all these reasons, we wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy. He is the right choice for Armenian-Americans and he is the right choice for Massachusetts.
    — ADL District Committee of the US and Canada

    - See more at: http://www.mirrorspectator.com/2013...koutoujian-for-congress/#sthash.BRzBT6ge.dpuf
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    "Hand Picked by Deval Patrick" ...could be the kiss of death.
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    Eh, whatever.
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    Hah no I agree I should have posted in the humor section.
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    I could take s shit in a box put a D on it and it would win in Ma.
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