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A son of Garda Jerry McCabe, who was shot dead by the IRA, has graduated as one of 300 new recruits into the force.
The late detective's widow, Anne, said he was looking proudly down on his son Ross on a day of mixed emotions for the family. "It is a very proud day although it's tinged with a bit of sadness," she said.
Jerry McCabe was gunned down in Adare, Co Limerick in June 1996 during an attempted post office robbery by an IRA gang.

The murder caused great political row as Sein Fein, the political associate of the IRA, was somewhat less than forthcoming in helping locate and prosecute those responsible for the robbery.

McCabe's wife, Ann confronted a somewhat embarrassed Gerry Adams during one of his visits to New York City over the failure of Adam's party to fully assist with apprehending all responsible for the shooting.
McCabe and his partner, Detective Ben O'Sullivan, were providing an escort for an armored car carrying money between post offices in the rural area of Adare, which is in the south eastern part of Ireland when it is charged they were fired upon at least fifteen times by a gang of IRA thugs.
O'Sullivan sustained very serious gunshots while McCabe died on the scene.

Those who were later arrested were found guilty of manslaughter as some witnesses feared testifying against the IRA. There were some movements to have the jailed convicts freed as prisoners of war but that has not happened.
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