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Photo by Lisa Hornak
Cambridge Juvenile Court Judge Gwendolyn R. Tyre.

Shunned by loved ones, a convicted child rapist - whose brother tortured and murdered Jeffrey Curley - will be sprung from prison Tuesday to roam the streets for 30 days until an electronic monitoring anklet is cuffed on him.
Robert Sicari, 28, behind bars more than a decade for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old playmate of Jeffrey Curley, has no one willing to take him in, no money and no phone - an essential component of a Global Positioning System tracking device.
"He'll be sent to Pine Street Inn if he's lucky," defense attorney Stephen Weymouth yesterday told Cambridge Juvenile Court Judge Gwendolyn R. Tyre at a hearing to hammer out the conditions of Sicari's five-year probation.
A "girlfriend" in Chelsea with three children ages 15, 7, and 5 offered Sicari her home, but reneged when she found out he lied to her about why he was in prison. Sicari also told authorities he has a fiancee in Florida.
Middlesex District Attorney Gerard T. Leone's office wanted Sicari civilly committed as a sexually dangerous person, but a state examiner who evaluated the pedophile ruled there was no probable cause to keep him incarcerated.
"For us, this a paramount issue of child protection, and that is why we are doing all that we can to place further restrictions upon the defendant upon his release," Leone said yesterday.
At the request of prosecutor Jessica Noble, who said, "This is an issue of public safety," Tyre ordered Sicari strapped to a GPS anklet after he takes a month to secure housing and employment.
"I want this case under very close supervision," Tyre cautioned.
Since 2006, state law has required probationary child rapists to wear a GPS device. However, because it does not apply retroactively to cases like Sicari's, Tyre said she could use her discretion to help the state keep tabs on him, "and that's what I'm going to do."
She also ordered him to have no unsupervised contact with any child under age 16 and to stay out of parks, playgrounds and schools.
Weymouth told the Herald Sicari, who appeared emaciated behind a crewcut and wire-rimmed glasses, "is very remorseful."
Sicari lured the little boy into a Cambridge parking garage on Sept. 7, 1997, with the promise of a bicycle, then attacked him.
It was less than a month before his brother Sal Sicari helped his lover, Charles Jaynes, kidnap, rape and kill Jeffrey Curley, 10, after he, too, thought he was getting a bike. Jeffrey's body was later discovered in a cement-weighted plastic bin in a Maine river.

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Why is this dirtbag even out of jail. I cannot believe the system allowing this man to walk free amongst our children. GPS, are they out of their friggin minds. Not enough cause to find him a sexually dangerous person? What does he have to do to get that title? I will be shaking my head for a long time over this one.

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Dad of slain boy decries release of child rapist

Photo by Lisa Hornak
OUTRAGED: Bob Curley, whose son Jeffrey, above, was slain by child predators, is furious that the rapist of one of his son's playmates is slated to be turned loose tomorrow.

Incensed a convicted child rapist will be turned loose tomorrow and unsupervised for a month, the father of 10-year-old murder victim Jeffrey Curley is urging parents to start calling their state representatives today to protest.
"They should be outraged," Bob Curley of Somerville said of Robert Sicari's release after more than 10 years behind bars for sodomizing a 10-year-old playmate of Jeffrey he tricked with the promise of a bicycle in 1997.
"He was a brave little kid," Curley recalled of his son's friend, with whom he's lost touch. "If you've got kids in Massachusetts, you better be on your phone to your state rep to find out what's going on. Kids are the most vulnerable, the most abused, the most neglected people in the country. I think the reason is that kids don't vote, they're not politically organized, they don't have money and they don't have power."
Sicari, 28, is the brother of Sal Sicari, who with lover Charles Jaynes kidnapped Jeffrey in 1997, smothered him for fighting off their sexual advances and molested his dead body before dumping it in a Maine river in a plastic bin weighted with lime and cement.
Both are serving life.
Assistant Middlesex District Attorney Jessica Noble last Thursday persuaded Cambridge Juvenile Court Judge Gwendolyn R. Tyre to put Sicari on a global positioning system (GPS) anklet for the next five years though he has not yet been classified by the state Sex Offender Registry Board. But because Sicari has no home and no job to even set up the device, Tyre has given him 30 days to get on his feet first.
"What if he goes out and molests someone else? Who then is accountable?" asked Curley, a Cambridge firefighter. "They say he doesn't have a phone, he doesn't have a place to live. Too bad. That's his problem. Keep him locked up until he does have his situation straightened out."
Tyre said in court she had no authority to extend Sicari's sentence because he has served it fully, with no parole.
Sicari was 16 when he raped his victim just three weeks before his brother and Jaynes lured Jeffrey with a bogus bicycle offer, only Curley never heard anything about the first attack until it was too late for his son.
"I had no idea, no idea at all until after Jeff was gone. Maybe if someone had said something," he said, his voice trailing off.
"I'm very proud of Jeff. He was a tough little city kid. He knew to stand up for himself and that's why he's gone."

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Man who raped boy out with no monitor

Robert Sicari's lawyer said yesterday the convicted child rapist has 24 hours to check in with probation officials once he walks out of prison this morning, but still has no place to live.
Sicari, who has not tasted freedom in more than a decade, has been given 30 days by Cambridge Juvenile Court Judge Gwendolyn R. Tyre to establish an address with a telephone land line so he can be fitted to a global positioning system anklet.
Office of Probation spokeswoman Coria Holland said that while the electronic tracking device can function without a land line, the land line, as opposed to a cell phone, "provides verification of address."
There are currently 641 sex offenders in the state being monitored by GPS. Holland said her department is currently out to bid for a new system, but declined to say what technological changes may be forthcoming until the process is complete Oct. 1.
Reacting to public criticism that Sicari is being set free on his honor, attorney Stephen Weymouth said, "This kid isn't trying to shirk his responsibilities. I wish I could get this kid into an apartment tomorrow with a phone line. I'd prefer he be on GPS, as well.
"He got no skills and he's coming out of jail to one of the most expensive cities in the country to live," Weymouth said. "It must be scary and overwhelming. Everyone knows this kid's name."
Sicari, 28, raped a 10-year-old Cambridge boy in a parking garage in September 1997, three weeks before his brother, Salvatore Sicari, helped Charles Jaynes kidnap, rape and murder the boy's 10-year-old friend, Jeffrey Curley. Both children were lured to their fates with the promise of a bicycle.
The state Department of Correction confirmed yesterday Salvatore Sicari is serving his life sentence out of state but would not say where or why.
His brother's cancer-stricken 24-year-old fiancee, a Florida resident who spoke on condition of anonymity, said of Salvatore, "Growing up, that was (Robert's) father figure." She hopes to help her love stay clean.
"It's hard to push away," she told the Herald. "I want to see him do good. I don't think he has issues being attracted to children. That's his past. He was 16, he was dumb, he did what he did. If he can get a job, get on his feet, I think he'll be fine. I honestly do. If he screws up, I'll feed him to an alligator."
Sicari is forbidden by Tyre to have unsupervised contact with children under age 16 or to enter a park, playground or school.

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Robert Sicari tagged as most-dangerous sex offender

A convicted child rapist who created an uproar in September when he was nearly released from prison without electronic supervision has been classified a Level 3 sex offender by the state.
The Sex Offender Registry Board states Robert Sicari, who has been living at the Pine Street Inn in Boston's South End, poses "a high risk to reoffend."
"Our concern throughout this process has been the public's safety and we agree with the registry's decision to classify him at the highest risk level," said Corey Welford, spokesman for Middlesex District Attorney Gerard T. Leone.
Robert Sicari, 28, is the brother of Sal Sicari, who along with Charles Jaynes is serving life for the 1997 kidnapping and murder of 10-year-old Jeffrey Curley of Cambridge.
Robert Sicari was convicted in 1998 of raping a 10-year-old playmate of Curley's three weeks before Curley was smothered with a gasoline-covered rag for resisting Jaynes' and Sal Sicari's sexual advances.
Robert Sicari was released on probation after serving five years, but when no one would take him in, Cambridge Juvenile Court Judge Gwendolyn R. Tyre gave him 30 days to establish residence before cuffing him with a GPS anklet, as required by state law for probationary child rapists.
Though Tyre stressed, "I want this case under very close supervision," when Robert Sicari's pending release made headlines, probation officials hooked him up to its GPS system immediately, using a cell phone to monitor his compliance instead of a land line.
Among those who spoke out against Robert Sicari being set free untethered was Curley's father, Bob.
Robert Sicari's attorney, Stephen Weymouth, believes prosecutors "are gunning for this kid" to fail.

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