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A routine traffic stop took a dangerous turn when a Hilllview police officer noticed something suspicious in the back seat.
"It should have been what we term a normal traffic stop, but it turned into anything other than that," said Kenny Hardin, director of the Bullitt County Drug Task Force.
The driver of the car was stopped for not wearing his seat belt, but a major clue to another violation of the law was in the back seat.
"In plain sight in the back seat was chemicals commonly used in the production of meth," said Hardin.
The Hillview officer asked to search 31-year-old Charles Tatum's car. He agreed, and it confirmed the officer's suspicions.
Hardin said they found a bag filled with all the ingredients to make methamphetamine in the car's trunk.
"During a traffic accident, we've got such a collision that there's potential for the acids, the ammonia nitrate, the gasoline will ignite and anybody else involved in it, any civilian involved, anybody close by, is placed at a greater danger," he said.
Tatum was arrested and charged with manufacturing meth, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Tatum was previously arrested for manufacturing meth back in 2004. Hardin said since then, the number of mobile meth lab busts is on the rise, and there's a reason criminals are willing to take such a dangerous ride.
"They're concerned about the vapors being recognized coming out of the apartments and whatever, so they throw it in the back seat or in the trunk of their car, hope it doesn't explode or catch fire, and if it doesn't you can have some meth in a short while," he said.
Tatum was arraigned Tuesday and is being held in the Bullitt County Jail on a $5,000 full cash bond.

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