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Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies helped make the largest crystal meth bust ever in Bullitt County.
Police have charged Jose Pizarro, 36, and Michael Walker, 48, with trafficking methamphetamine. Walker also was charged with possession of a handgun by a convicted felon.
Police said on Saturday, Pizarro arrived at Walker's Bullitt County home with crystal meth.
Authorities later searched Pizarro's Louisville home and found more meth, 43 weapons -- mostly guns -- and $4,000 in cash.
They said the DEA is trying to track where the drugs came from, and is considering trying Pizarro in federal court.
"Our information is that he's high up on the food chain," said Kenny Hardin, director the Bullitt County Drug Task Force. "Anybody who handles this much crystal meth as opposed to local has got to have means to reach out from outside of Louisville to get this much in here."

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