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I just hope that someone is doing a background on them,most have had no processing at all,anyone could be on the planes.

Katrina Evacuees Arrive On Cape Cod
Some Plucked Directly From Flood-Ravaged Areas
Jamy Pombo, Senior News Editor
POSTED: 7:31 am EDT September 8, 2005
UPDATED: 6:13 pm EDT September 8, 2005

BOSTON -- A plane carrying Hurricane Katrina evacuees from flood-ravaged neighborhoods along the Gulf Coast landed on Cape Cod Thursday, and officials were preparing for one more planeload of evacuees, which is expected to arrive later.

The plane, carrying 107 people from the New Orleans area, landed at about 2 p.m. It will return to Louisiana and pick up a second group of evacuees Thursday night.

The Rev. Jeffrey Brown, who has been appointed temporary mayor of the evacuees' camp read a letter from one of the passengers on the plane, who thanked the state.

"My name is Tina Burns. As we arrive to the great state of Massachusetts, our hearts are overwhelmed with all the compassion and dedication of each and every one of you. We realize the great effort made to accommodate us in our time of need. The power of your concern is overwhelming. Tears stream down our face as you assure us safety, normalcy and hope," said Brown.

"These are individuals who have not been screened or taken to other emergency shelters. In some cases, they have been plucked from the water or rooftops," Gov. Mitt Romney said during a news conference at Otis Air National Guard Base.

Representatives from the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army met the plane on the tarmac, and the evacuees were greeted with applause as they got off the plane.

As the evacuees arrived at Otis, some were carrying small duffel bags, while others had only a plastic grocery bag with a few belongings they were able to salvage from their homes. A few of the evacuees had pets in tow. Some of the evacuees were taken from New Orleans as part of the city's mandatory evacuation, Romney said.

He said that some of those on board needed immediate medical attention, and that at least 10 of the evacuees needed wheelchairs. About 40 of the people on the plane were over the age of 50, Romney said One person was taken to Falmouth Hospital.

"This is a group of people who are literally coming from flooded areas. They are wet, and they only have the clothes that they are wearing. They are distressed," Romney said. "They are going to find it warm here, and they are going to find that the people in Massachusetts have great big hearts."

On Wednesday, group of evacuees took shelter in Arizona. A number of children in that group were orphans, according to Romney. He said that officials from the Department of Mental Health would be on hand to provide counseling.

About 500 volunteers were on hand to help out with the effort. The plane landed at Otis, and the evacuees will then be transported to Camp Edwards, where they are expected to stay for 30 to 60 days.

The barracks are capable of housing up to 2,500 people. Earlier in the week, the state scrambled to arrange accommodations for the group, which was expected to arrive Tuesday. State officials later received word that many of the evacuees wanted to stay closer to home, but officials were urged to keep Camp Edwards on standby.
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