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K-9 care charity lists first grants

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    The Walpole girl who was inspired by a 2000 story in her American Girl magazine to raise funds to buy a bullet-proof vest for a local police dog said she is surprised at her group’s success, as it readies to announce its first grants — thousands of dollars for a kennel, training “bite suits,” and “hot and pops” to alert cops if their cars overheat while their dog is inside.
    “I never expected it to go past one vest,” said Lisa Hinds, now 23, who as a middle-schooler co-founded MA Vest-A-Dog with her mother, Kathy. “A lot of things caught my interest when I was 11. ... She kind of took it and rolled with it.”
    The group, which has now equipped more than 275 police dogs with bullet-proof vests, will present the grants tomorrow morning in Holliston, which will get $5,000 toward the $30,000 cost of starting a canine unit in the town.

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    Good to go. That's just awesome.

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