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K-9 captures wanted man in city

ATTLEBORO -- A former Attleboro man, wanted by police, was captured Sunday by a state police canine following a foot chase that lasted about 2 1/2 hours in the Phillips and Read street sections of the city.

Rene LaPalme, 18, whose last known address was 147 Cottage St. in Pawtucket, was cornered in the area of Pond and Read streets shortly before 10 p.m. by state police Sgt. Bob McCarthy and his dog, according to Attleboro Police Lt. Barry Brewer.

LaPalme was injured -- bitten by the dog (in the gonads!) :lol: -- during his capture, Brewer said. The suspect was taken by city ambulance to Sturdy Memorial Hospital for treatment of his injuries but required no stitches, he said.

The suspect was held without bail on six outstanding warrants for failure to appear in court: four from Attleboro District Court on Attleboro charges and two from Taunton District Court on Seekonk charges.

Charges pending against LaPalme include burglary, larceny from a building, larceny of a motor vehicle, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and 10 counts of breaking into motor vehicles.

According to published reports, LaPalme's record dates back to April 2003 when he was arrested on a burglary charge and also wanted for a juvenile parole violation.

LaPalme was held without bail pending his court appearance today in Attleboro District Court.

According to Brewer, police learned LaPalme, who had outstanding warrant, was in the area of lower County Street. As the suspect, who had been riding a bicycle, was approached by Patrolman Wayne Bennett on lower County Street near Phillips Street, the suspect abandoned his bicycle and jumped a fence.

Brewer said the state police K-9 unit arrived about 30 to 40 minutes after LaPalme ran from Bennett. The police sergeant said police pursuit through the woods covered about two miles even though the distance from when he ran from police to where he was captured was much shorter as the crow flies.

In addition to state police and the entire contingent of on-duty city policemen, officers from Pawtucket and Seekonk assisted in the search.

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HOLY JEEZUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An MSP K-9!? Imagine that! Why didn't they call NEMLEC or for the Worcester County Sheriffs WINNEBAGO? Christ, this didn't even cost anything for an MSP K-9. And wasn't it MarlboroughPD that said the MSP K-9's were useless? Yeah it was him.
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