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I swear some people are so friggen dumb it just make you want to scream. I had a sudden death this morning. In the residence was the deceadent (30 ish female) her 9 year old daughter and the decedents mother.

The apartment was a friggen pig sty. Dirty laundry piled 3 feet high everywhere, trash and food leftovers all over the place, gnats in the kitchen, cigarette butts on the floor, furniture and beds etc..... It was just plain disgusting.

FD did their best but she was gone, because of her age CPAC and the ME were playing a more active role than usual all of this very time consuming. The officers / detectives involved made several suggestions to the grandmother that maybe this was not the place for the 9 year old.

Her response was "I'm a RN I can handle this" That's great lady but we're not worried about you but your grand daughter. Nope she will be fine we are staying here.

While waiting for the state to arrive I hear the grandmother yell at the kid for dropping her tissue on the floor, I am thinking to myself what a friggen jerk, it's ok for week old food, butts and trash but make sure you pick up your hanky? You could'nt even see the dam floor.

The grandmother then indicates that the 9 year old wants to kiss her mom goodby, hey in any other circumstance fine but the grandmother saw the condition her daughter was in after FD tried to revive her, she was covered with vomit and was just a mess and had turned blue, not the way you would want to remember a loved one. The grandmother seemed upset that I would not allow a visit at this time.

The whole time the visiting grandmother keeps on ranting how she is and RN and how she has dealt with this situation many times before. (thinking to myself....If your such a great RN why would you allow anyone to live in hazardous conditions like this)

Finally a family friend convinces the old bat that they child should not be there for the removal. (At least someone got thru that thick skull!!!)

DSS was called (another friggen joke) not sure on the outcome of a placement for the child but I sure hope they acted on this. It was bad enough the mother let her daughter live in a health hazard but the grandmother seem to think it was fine also. I just can't belive that housing did not do any inspections of their unit and that no one thought DSS should have been called.

Sorry for the rant but this has been eating at me all morning. It's sad to say but at least now the kid might have a chance at a decent life.

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Good news, DSS took the kid from the old nutty bat!

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Hey Gil;

I know Brother, after 25 years on the job it still amazes me the ignorance of some people. :wm: If we could figure out what makes someone like the old bat tick, we could market it and make a million. Just know that the kid's ok now. Poor kid seeing Mom like that. She's better off now though.[-o< I'll say a prayer for her.

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