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Just a quick question..

Discussion in 'Sheriffs' started by Javert, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Javert

    Javert MassCops Member

    Forgive me if this seems “silly”;
    Is it possible that, at any time, MA could simply merge the Sheriffs Offices into the DOC? (Like the MDC/CAP/RMV with the SP) Just wondering because “county government” in MA is pretty much non-existent.
    The question arises from a comment I heard a Jefferson SO (NY, where I’m stationed) Deputy make after I told him that Deputies in MA primary responsibility is connections with some special units for various incidents that may accrue on, in or around corrections facilities and may be utilized by the state/municipal agencies if need be. He said something to the affect of “They should fu*king get rid of the (MA) SOs then and let the state run the whole system.”
    I have NOTHING against Deputies and am grateful for the work they do to properly secure offenders. It’s just been something in the back of my mind.

    Corrections typo...my bad
  2. pahapoika

    pahapoika Subscribing Member

    Middlesex County Jail is already fully state funded and the other county jails would like to be fully state funded as well.

    county taxes are dwindling and sheriffs have to put in for state funding to cover their yearly budgets.

    at one time the state corrections union was trying to get all the county correction officers to join the state union , but they did such a piss poor job of representing them the few that did join have since joined other unions.

    for awhile there it looked like the state and county correction officers would all be in the same union, the state would fund all the county jails and a merger would be close behind.

    however the Sheriffs department is a very old institution here in Massachusetts and doesn't seem like it will die off anytime soon

    just my .02 cents
  3. TGT1898

    TGT1898 MassCops Member

    I can only speak for my department...but I know for a fact we are merging with the state DOC. I'm still confused on exactly what this entails...but I can say with certainty effective December 2009 our health insurance is going up and we are jumping to the state bi-weekly pay schedule...with NO parity...which I think is BS, but I'll be happy with what I currently have because, well, I'm paying the bills and still have a little left over for myself.

    As far as the title, we will still carry the "Sheriff's Department" title and we will keep our current union. Personally, in my perfect world, we'd: fully merge and become DOC employees, eliminate the SD title, get parity, joing the ranks of their union, and finally bring an end to the empire building madness.
  4. COwife

    COwife New Member

    totally agree.

    What about the union contracts that the CO's have? Can the insurance go up if there's an active contract that covers health? And bi-weekly pay...crud.

    I agree though, it's my husband in this case and I'm thankful every day that he has a job. I hope this merger all works out....correctly that is.
  5. Varanus224

    Varanus224 MassCops Member

    Honestly mam (I assume)

    I'd be concerned regardless of a merger or not since every single MA Sheriff seems like a bigger union buster then the next. They seem to have the following in common:

    A. A distaste for unions as they cant get them all to hold signs
    B. No use for them as there unilateral actions seem to dictate theyll do what they want, when they want
    C. 0 Respect for their employees on the frontlines

    I hate to be a pessimist I really do, but between my conversations with CO's from alot of counties and what I read, It seems a matter of time before the next sheriff copies the next and screws the CO's over. Whether its 5 and 2's, DEdeputizing or laying off it seems a contest between the High Sheriffs who can be the biggest JERK
  6. Mass

    Mass MassCops Member

    Joining the state union should really not be a big deal. When I worked at Bristol County we were MCOFU too, which is the state union and it really did nothing for us. It is all in your "body" fighting for what you want and unfortunately the sheriff has to sign off on the contract and send it to the state. If the Sheriff never signs off on it, you will never ever get it period.

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