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'Jungle' jibe top PC fired

A TRAFFIC cop who made more arrests than any other officer in his
force has been sacked over a racist remark.

PC Stephen Taylor, 30, got the boot for saying a suspect was being "sent
back to the jungle" and pretending to throw a spear.

A colleague who overheard the comment in the police canteen made an
official complaint and the PC was ordered to face a tribunal.

There he was "required to resign" by senior officers including a black

The 6ft 2in cop served with Essex Police traffic department in Colchester.

He is said to have made more than 1,000 arrests in eight years' service
and nicked more people than any other officer last year.

A source said: "Steve is just like Robocop, has a formidable arrest record
and the crazy thing is he isn't racist at all.

"But after nicking someone he was asked if they were black.

"Stupidly he replied, 'We are sending him back to the jungle' and made a
spear-throwing action.

"He was very embarrassed and hoped the disciplinary panel would let him
keep his job but they decided differently."

Essex Police said: "The officer fell below the required standard."

PC Taylor is appealing against the ruling.
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