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"A federal judge sided with a southcentral Pennsylvania school district in a dispute over whether a high school student should have been barred from wearing a T-shirt with images of guns on it. "Students have no constitutional right to promote violence in our public schools," U.S. District Judge James Knoll Gardner in Allentown wrote in an opinion issued Tuesday.

Donald Miller III, now a 15-year-old sophomore at Penn Manor High School in Millersville, was given detention in December after he defied an assistant principal's order to turn the shirt inside-out. Images of two guns were printed on the shirt, along with phrases including, "United States Terrorist Hunting Permit No Bag Limit."

Miller's parents sued the school district earlier this year, arguing that his freedom of speech was violated. The shirt, a gift from an uncle who is stationed in Iraq, was intended to be a patriotic show of support for the troops, they argued.

Just a picture of a gun "promotes violence"? Very shaky reasoning. Could it just possibly promote self-defense and thus DETER violence? I would have thought that stomping Old Glory was more likely to promote violence. And we all know that THAT is protected speech.

Wanna guess that the judge is just a doctrinaire gun-hater? (Though he probably owns one himself, on past precedents. There's one law for "the little people" and another for the Leftist superior beings).
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