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Pickup Truck Hit Tree Killing 1, Injuring 5 Children

CONCORD, N.H. -- Nancy Lamprey, a Loudon, N.H., babysitter who killed one child and injured five others in a 2000 car crash, is eligible for parole after a judge shortened her prison sentence by 10 years.

But the decision doesn't mean Lamprey will be freed. The state Parole Board denied Lamprey parole last year and made it clear it wanted her in prison another five years.

Lamprey, who is 45, has served more than 5 1/2 years of the 15- to 30-year sentence she received after being convicted of manslaughter and other charges.
Lamprey's pickup hit a tree in September 2000, killing Katie Silva and hurting five other children. The kids were in the covered back of the truck. They said Lamprey was swerving on a dirt road to amuse them.
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