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Judge locked up with man he jailed

A Romanian judge arrested on corruption allegations has been put in the
same jail cell as a man he put in prison.

Judge Ioan Lazar, from Arad, says he now fears for his life in the same cell
as the convicted armed robber and has demanded to be moved to a one-
man cell.

A prison source said: "He had no recollection of his cell-mate when he met
him in jail but the convict certainly remembered him.

"He took great delight in telling the judge who he was and that it was the
judge who put him away for an armed robbery.

"When he heard this the judge's face just dropped and he went white.

Now he is afraid to go to sleep, he is afraid to lay down. He fears for his
life with that man in the cell."

The judge is accused of taking a £25,000 bribe for releasing a criminal and
is being held in custody while under investigation.
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