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Judge bars toenail evidence from trial

A judge in Wisconsin barred a disbarred lawyer from submitting one of his toenails as evidence in his trial on charges of child molesting and pornography.

Joseph Hallows, 70, of Wauwatosa, argued the toenail was evidence he could not have walked into a state forest 17 years ago with a 13-year-old boy, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. The boy, now an adult, testified about the alleged assault.

Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Pauline McMahon found Monday that the toenail and photographs of Hallows' legs now show nothing about his physical condition at the time of the alleged assault.

Hallows, 70, son of a former state Supreme Court justice, is representing himself in the trial. On Monday, he testified in his own defense.

In a bizarre scene, Hallows sat in the witness box, chained to the floor, while he asked himself questions and then answered them. He told himself and the jury he is a "very sexual person" but not "obsessed with sex."
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