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Mon Oct 20

NAIROBI (Reuters) - A Kenyan High Court judge may be charged with stabbing a motorist in the stomach during a road rage incident in Nairobi, local media reported on Monday.
Justice G.B.M. Kariuki was driving his official Mercedes Benz when it was involved in an accident late on Saturday with a saloon car driven by Robert Kamau, a 29-year-old NGO worker.
"We stopped at the scene and he told me I had hit his side mirror," Kamau told the Standard newspaper from hospital.
"He demanded that I pay him. He then slapped me and took away my keys. As I went for the keys, he stabbed me."
A senior police source told the paper Kariuki had not been arrested: "We are waiting for instructions, but he will be in court to face a serious charge because there is evidence."
Kariuki, who is based in the western town of Kakamega, denied the allegations and told the Nairobi Star newspaper that Kamau must have fallen on his own knife as he attacked him.
"It is a self-inflicted injury. He was very drunk," Kariuki said. "I am a judge and cannot engage in something like that.";_ylt=AkCP40lbkqtY6cogtouXIOas0NUE
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