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Join the fight in Brockton!

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Any of you kids looking to get a good start?
Massasoit is hiring Three (3) So come to the City of Champions
and apply!

Yes we're armed, have cruisers (4) Chapter 90 and plenty of training so come on down ya freaks!
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MitPo, I worked at Massasoit and I had all the discretion I wanted. I arrested anyone that deserved it, we charged employees with crimes, almost took out complaint for obstruction of justice against some administrators and we were still and are strong. We didn't arrest everyone for minor in possession like BSC that pissed off the court in Brockton, also word has it BSCPD pissed off someone at Brocktn Dist Ct and lost Ch.90 for everyone temporarily.
Word has it that the HACKS are coming out like roaches at the smell of leftovers. Of course under the old Chief the hacks would never even get an interview but when big shots call, like a state senator and push for a loser, the Chief there has no choice but to crumble and give the HACK the job. What a waste :DP:

We used to have a real selection process, exams, backgrounds, interviews. Now it's Drop a Dime and send your check to your local state senator or rep for the job.
Only if you look like your avatar picture :wink:
Rumor has it that Ex-Mayor/Ex-Brockton Sgt/Ex-Public Safety Commissioner's son is going to get the job with no experience. Awesome :DP:
P.S. You must be trained. They WILL NOT send you to the MPOC academy. BSC will sent you though. Everyone that went moved on so they do not want to spend the money. They will hire you if you have MPOC, and blow, i mean know the mayor. Yeah, being a Brocktonian helps too. good luck to all, great place to work.
Hey, is that Skahan on the Bike Patrol Woody?!!!!!!!
:mrgreen: :L:
Aaron you have to send them a picture so they know you!!!!!!!!
I heard everyone hired had years of experience and training. I applied for numerous jobs over the years and did not get picked for some jobs, so just keep plugging away and good things will happen. The process there changed dramatically, there used to be a written exam, initial panel interview, psych test and medical exam, very thorugh backgrounds(still done). For the ones that did get it I know they'll enjoy it, it was an awesome job, rivaling some municipal departments.
Hey Broady, don't think because it is a Community College it is of low magnitude. It is a very busy and pro-active department averaging about 10000 service calls a year, about 200+ arrest and criminal complaints, including numerous investigations that expand off-campus jointly with municipal and/or state police. Lots of training and lots of overtime,details and ability to work details in surrounding communities including Brockton. They have Ch90 and firearms and when I worked there we came damn close for state accreditation. Due to the cost it became prohibitive to go further with accreditation but almost all the policies are in place. One member on this site did get the job and he very well deserved it as he plugged away at it. He didn't get it a couple of years ago but got it now. So as I said before, keep applying and don't give up.
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