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Jobseekers duped into getting face tattoos

TWO Indonesian jobseekers have been tricked into getting their faces
tattooed by a bogus official offering government jobs.

Village chief Sawiyono - who was helping the men find jobs in Jakarta -
claimed he had received a text message from a government official
offering them work as intelligence officers but saying they would have to
be inked first with a dragon tattoo, Antara state news agency said.

Sawiyono realised he had been tricked after checking with the subdistrict
chief of the Bojonegoro district of East Java who told him there was no
such requirement.

But by then it was too late and the men had already been tattooed, the
report said.

"I am fully responsible for the mistake and I will do my best to help the
men remove their tattoos,'' Sawiyono said.

The men have complained to police and were seeking treatment at a local
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