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Miura arrives at LAX
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October 11, 2008

LOS ANGELES -- A Japanese man accused of conspiracy in the murder of his wife nearly three decades ago committed suicide in his jail cell just hours after he returned to Los Angeles to face trial, LAPD officials said.
61-year-old Kazuyoshi Miura hanged himself Friday night after a routine cell inspection at Parker Center police headquarters, where he was being held.
A detention officer was walking by Miura's cell around 9:45 p.m. when the officer spotted Miura unconscious in his cell, according to a Los Angeles Police Department statement.
Miura, who was alone in his cell, used a piece of his shirt to hang himself, the statment said.
The officer summoned medical assistance, and along with two other officers, began performing Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation to Miura.
Miura was transported to Los Angeles County USC Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.
Based on preliminary information, detention officers at the jail had conducted a required cell check with nothing unusual to report approximately 10 minutes before Miura was found.
According to California Minimum Jail Standards, cell inspections are required every 30 minutes.
The LAPD Force Investigation Division is investigating the in-custody death.
Miura had arrived at Los Angeles International airport shortly before 5 a.m. Friday amid heavy security after being extradited from Saipan, in the Northern Mariana Islands.
He had been held in Saipan since his February arrest on a 1988 Los Angeles County warrant alleging murder and conspiracy. Miura had fought extradition but agreed to return to Los Angeles last month after a judge dismissed the murder charge.
Miura was accused of conspiring to have his wife shot when they were visiting Los Angeles in 1981. She was shot in the head and died a year later in Japan from her wounds.
Prosecutors allege Miura collected about $750,000 from life insurance policies on his wife.
Miura was found guilty in Japan in 1994 of his wife's murder but the conviction was reversed and "an acquittal was entered by the High Court in Japan," according to court papers filed by his Los Angeles attorney, Mark Geragos, in March.
On Sept. 26, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Steven Van Sicklen in Torrance ruled that trying Miura for murder in California would violate a law against double jeopardy.
Miura may have faced 25 years to life in state prison if convicted of conspiracy to commit murder.
On Thursday, county prosecutors filed court papers seeking reinstatement of the murder charge. The 25-page motion argued that the law did not recognize convictions or acquittals outside of the United States.
A hearing on the request was scheduled for Oct. 16.
Miura was scheduled to be arraigned on the conspiracy charge Tuesday.
LAPD immediately notified the Consulate General of Japan of Miura's apparent suicide, and the Consul General's office then notified Miura's family.
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