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Japanese man barks up wrong tree with lost dog advert

TOKYO (AFP) - A Japanese man who took out a classified advertisement to find his lost dog wound up instead with an ulcer after being pestered by hundreds of nuisance calls, police said Wednesday.

Satoshi Nagasawa, 34, saw the number of the 63-year-old man in the classifieds and dialled it up to 30 times a day for two months, said a police official in northern Akita prefecture.
"I was irritated and wanted to call someone to give him trouble. I felt refreshed thinking that the other person was troubled," Nagasawa told police after his arrest Tuesday, according to the official.

Nagasawa, who never met the older man, would call the cellphone listed in the classifieds from morning to night, leaving silent messages or hanging up after the victim picked up, police said.

"Due to the phone calls, the man became extremely stressed and suffered psychological damage, which led to a stomach ulcer," the police official said.
Nagasawa was arrested after police identified him through his phone number and is currently in custody.;_ylt=Amm7blu9a59xd3_XwebAaiKgOrgF
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