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January '08 State Police Academy

Discussion in 'Maine' started by FutureMaineTrooper, May 14, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone, just registered. I was just curious if anyone here is applying for the January '08 State Police Academy. I am taking the ALERT and PAT June 6th. I'm pretty pumped about it, and would like to hear from anyone else in the same boat. Thanks!
  2. chief

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  3. tigerwoody

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    Took both of them a few years ago. I took the oral board and failed it. it was pretty hard but then again it was my second oral board so i was nervous and didnt know how to answer. i know better now. i decided ME wasnt a place for me to live, only vacation, so i decided not to retake the oral board again. the MSP are pretty squared away though and a good dept to work for. i talked to a trooper on the side of the road while i was on the way to vasselboro who came from worcester and he was on the K9 unit after only 2 years! good luck to you!
  4. PearlOnyx

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    Has Maine SP improved their pay at all in recent years? I thought about applying when I lived up there a few years ago. I think they were only making around $13-$14 per hour at that time.
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    The trooper i talked to two years ago made $19.72/hr after 5 years on the force. Sometimes you have to sacrifice pay for advancement to a specialized unit he said.
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    Look at VT and NHSP, much better pay than ME.

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