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Israel soldier gets 21 days in prison ... for yawning

JERUSALEM (AFP) - An Israeli soldier got three weeks in the slammer for
yawning during a ceremony this week to mark the assassination of prime
minister Yitzhak Rabin, his mother said.

The concerned woman said her son yawned "without covering his mouth"
while the commander of his air force base in the north of the country was
speaking during the memorial event Israel held on Monday.

When the commander spotted him, he stopped his speech and later
ordered the soldier to spend 21 days in jail for what the commander called
his "disrespectful act," the mother told public radio.

Rabin was assassinated in 1995 by a Jewish extremist who opposed the
peace process with the Palestinians.

Rabin is revered as a national hero, both for his legendary career as army
chief and for peace efforts in the 1990s that earned him a Nobel peace
prize shared with now President Shimon Peres and the late Palestinian
leader Yasser Arafat.;_ylt=ArYNgi7LAPf1vscUDF1djdygOrgF
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