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Is this the most dangerous job in the world?

In Russia, men fit air-conditioning units 16 floors up by hanging out the
window with no safety net.

This fearless chap first lowered the unit out of the block of flats before
enthusiastically launching himself from the window and embracing it in a
giant bear hug.

The flimsy metal brackets luckily held and he managed to clamber back
inside without plummeting to the street below.

The fun is not just confined to the former Soviet Union - in Egyptian
capital Cairo another picture shows a man being dangled by his legs as he
repairs another air-conditioning unit.

The contrast with Britain could not be greater.

Here, anyone installing such devices would no doubt need to put up
scaffolding, close roads and employ hard-hatted safety officers to
supervise the process.

There has been growing anger in Britain about alleged health and safety
killjoys clamping down on innocuous activities.

But the Health and Safety Executive insists it is not seeking to ban
everyday activities and says there are myths surrounding its business.

'There have been many reports of the HSE banning all sorts of things -
flip-flops at work, knitting in hospitals, sports days, and even cuddly toys
on dustbin lorries,' a spokesman said. 'This is simply not true.'
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