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Suspicious activity at zero dark thirty hours in front of a closed establishment, three male subjects with an open trunk and a bag on the ground.... Hey buddy whatcha ya got in the bag???

Ahh humm ah nothing....

Turns out they where playing some type of war games in a warehouse in Boston and the business where my partner caught them at was just a meeting place. There story checked but can you imagine your heart rate seeing that on the floor of the car during a MVS.

We took the guns until they could provide ownership documentation and the little orange caps that go in the end.

Anybody have any widows busted out with pellet guns last night?

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You're right. Just early Sunday morning in Harwich, an officer encountered a vehicle on a dead end road. The driver was taken out after reaching for something under the seat. The officer found a black, steel framed .357 under the seat. It turned out to be a pellet gun.This is the 2nd such incident in one week. Apparently, a local army/navy store is selling these very realistic items to kids all over the Cape.
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