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Is Chevrolet testing an Impala SS?

Discussion in 'Automotive' started by cc3915, Apr 16, 2012.

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    Well... look who lives! Our spy photographers have managed to snag a few photos of what may very well be the next interpretation of the Chevrolet Impala SS. Long thought to be a casualty of the General Motors bailout, the biggest member Club SS was reportedly shelved a few years back. The Impala line hasn't offered an SS performance variant since 2009, and the more aggressive grille, front fascia and tweaked head- and taillight arrays on this prototype hint at something more sinister than any topped-out LTZ model could offer. Our spy shooter's supplier sources indicate GM is, in fact, still working on an Impala SS, and they suggest the sedan may bow with a new LF3 twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 under the hood.
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    They need something to compete with the Taurus SHO.

    If I was in the mood for a SHO, I'd cheap out and get the police Taurus with the twin turbo under the hood. All of the muscular goodness without all the cush of carpet, leather, soundproofing and body cladding to weigh you down. Muahahaha, you're welcome

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