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IRS issues stimulus check to dead man

A Georgia man says he isn't sure what to do with the economic stimulus check sent to his late friend by the U.S. government more than a year after his death.
Richard Hicks, a Fulton County magistrate, says the $600 check arrived in Roswell this week and was made out to George A. Coker DECD, which, of course, stands for "deceased."
Coker obviously won't be able to do his bit to spur the consumer economy, which has Hicks puzzled and somewhat miffed.
"There's a $9 trillion national debt and our government's giving away money to dead people," he told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "As a taxpayer, it offends the hell out of me."
The Internal Revenue Service in Atlanta told the newspaper it didn't know how many other DECD checks have been written nationwide since the 2007 returns are still being processed.
Coker died in May 2007 at the age of 87. Hicks filed the final 1040 on behalf of his friend of 37 years earlier this year.
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