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METHUEN — Internal Revenue Service agents yesterday raided a home and strip club owned by Kevin Moury, a former city councilor and veteran Methuen public works employee.
Moury and his wife, Debra McCann-Moury, own a home at 46 Kimball Road in Methuen and Kittens strip club on Route 1 in Salisbury.
What prompted yesterday's raid remains unclear. Special Agent Jessica Crocker said the IRS visited both locations "in the course of our official duties."
Around 4 p.m. yesterday, IRS agents left the Mourys' home carrying eight cardboard boxes, which they loaded into a blue Ford Econoline van. The agents, who wore blue windbreakers that said IRS-CID, also appeared be taking photographs inside the house and in the yard.
The Mourys' home is off Route 28 near the Salem, N.H., line. Two pumpkins and a newspaper were on the front steps of the brick and gray, two-story Colonial. The nine-room home is valued at $414,200, which the couple purchased for roughly the same price in 2002, according to assessment information available on the city's Web site.
In Salisbury, a half-dozen IRS investigators were at Kittens at 99 Bridge Road (Route 1) earlier in the afternoon looking for documents, according to Salisbury police Chief David L'Esperance.
Three employees gathered at the entrance after retrieving belongings from inside the club, but had no comment about the raid. The club was open for business last night.
The nightclub is on 4.85 acres and is valued at $864,900, according to assessment information on Salisbury's Web site.
The Mourys bought the former Lion's Den strip club on Route 1 in Salisbury in 2003 for $1.33 million and renamed it Kittens. Billed as a "family-run nightclub," Kevin Moury said his wife and two grown daughters were all going to work at the club.
The Mourys also are the former owners of the Sweetheart Inn in Methuen and Shannon's Place in Lawrence.
Crocker would not say whether Debra or Kevin Moury were taken into custody by IRS agents. Both Moury and his attorney, Arthur Broadhurst, declined comment.
Moury is Methuen's parks and recreation superintendent and has worked for the city for at least 15 years. He was a city councilor in Methuen for two terms until 1992.
Mayor William Manzi said he knew nothing of the raids until he received a phone call from a newspaper reporter yesterday afternoon.
"Our office has not been notified of any action by the federal government," he said. "We've not been made aware of any charges against him."
Manzi said he's not aware of any problems Moury had while working for the city. No disciplinary action is planned at this time.
"At this point, this is not a municipal matter," Manzi said.
The IRS's criminal investigation division investigates tax law, Bank Secrecy Act violations and money laundering allegations. The IRS is the only federal agency that can investigate potential criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code, according to information posted on the IRS Web site.
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