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Just a few weeks ago, a bunch of us made the trip for the first time. We stayed in B&B's every night and not one single night did I sleep well. It was TOO DAMN HOT! All the stories I heard were LIES! Every day was comfortable or too damn hot. Everynight was TOO DAMN HOT.

But it was probably the best trip I've ever taken, in spite of the terrifying roads. I've never gripped a steering wheel so tight in my life. I do pray a fair amount, but had I been able to kneel while driving, I'd have worn out my pants, and nearly did that in the seat.
Yes, it's hard to imagine Ireland being too hot but the whole of the UK and Ireland are going through previously unheard of hot weather of which they are not used to.

Regards your stay in B&B's, did you enjoy a good Irish breakfast including black pudding?
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