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IQ Test

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Most people have probably seen it, but Cindy seems to have started a trend...

The Classic IQ Test

I am a visionary philosopher with a score of 131.
That means I think deep thoughts about the hallucinations that I have.

Is this the right IQ for a cop? :???:
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Here is the other version of the test.

your Super IQ score is 131

The way you think about things makes you an Intuitive Investigator. This means you have multiple talents and can do anything you set your mind to. You're able to detect numerical patterns easily and are able to grasp the true complexity of the world, both in its details and in a more abstract form. You've got a sharp logical mind and are adept at using words to get even a difficult point across. The combination of all these things makes you truly brilliant.

The 3 dimensions you scored highest on combine to make you an Intuitive Investigator. Only 6 out of 1,000 people have this rare combination of abilities.

This test can really make a guy feel good about himself! Too bad it's a big load... They have to compliment you so that you buy the in depth report that tells you that you are actually mildly retarded. I can't even put the toilet seat down! Maybe my wife needs to boot my head into the crapper... :sq:
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