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Interview Letter?

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Hi all, I have heard of people sending thank you letters to the departments/officers for giving them an interview. I had an interview yesterday for a Summer Officer position. I would like to send one in, however I don't remember the names of each officer. Would it be o.k. to send one addressing the interviewing officers, or would I be better off not sending one at all? Thank you for your advice in advance!!
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Dear ________PD,

Yaddda yadda yadda

contact number

It is important to give them a number you are easily reached at.
FutureCop23";p="62046 said:
Thank you for all for the information. Unfortunatly, I got turned down the day after I sent the letter. Thanks again.
Here's the sad news, it won't be the last time either. If you're real lucky you'd be turned down atleast a dozen more times before you get hired. Learn from every interveiw. After a while you'll know how to answer.
Yes, you have to be honest, but the manner you answer questions change. Next time send the letter out the day of the interveiw.
I had a formated letter that I changed the names and department.
Iroincally enough the only time I did not send a letter was when I finally got hired. Go fiquere.
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