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A little about the......

Drager Alcotest® 7110 MK III-C

The Alcotest 7110 MK III-C offers undisputed the most advanced Evidential Breath alcohol testing technology available today. Two different and independent measuring systems, infrared spectroscopy and electro chemical cell technology, are used to analyze and display breath alcohol results, therefore, providing the highest possible level of forensic and legal integrity. The superior quality of the Infrared system operates at a higher wavelength of 9.5µm, is virtually non-sensitive to any potentially interfering substances allowing the elimination of a problematic chopper wheel with multiple optical filters. The Draeger temperature controlled fuel cell prevents condensation and provides an extended lifetime sensor, while guaranteeing exceptional accuracy even at extreme ambient temperatures. The built-in communication firmware provides the capability of networking with a host computer allowing remote system diagnosis and software updating.


We have had to on more than a few occasions take trips to a neighboring pd to conduct a breath test because of an INTERFERENCE error on our unit.

Now my question, what is causing the "INTERFERENCE" after the first blow? I thought that maybe it was computer related such as an interference with communications to the RMV but it is happening to early in the test to be sending data to them.

Another PO thinks that it has to do with what the machine is reading, for example if you spray some cleaner in the same room as the testing unit the unit will pick up the cleaner and cause an error, or maybe even perfume that the person taking the test in wearing will cause an error.

It just seems to be happening a lot lately.

I had a stop the other night, guy fails all FST, smells of alcohol admits to 3 or 4 beers over the past hour. Lock em up test at our station and get the error, go to the next town over get the same friggen error, takes and third test at the neighboring pd and blows a goose-egg. :x granted he was 6'1, 210 but I would have thought he would have registered something.

Anybody else want the Intoxilyzer 5000 back?
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I am a firm believer that the machine is to sensitive to the environment. I agree about picking up the cleaner or other odors in the room. I tell our guys not even to clean their cuffs until after they give a BT.

I had an OUI, subject was a painter and had strong odor on his person from the paint. I tried test twice and got the error message each time, until we opened some doors and got fresh air in the booking area.

Our sally port is right next to the booking and if guys keep a car running, I have seen the exhaust cause "ambient air error"

On the other issue.....Failed SFST, 3-4 beers and .00, gotta be some drugs on board.
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