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Info on The Hundred Club of Massachusetts / Rhode Island

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While I was down in RI over the weekend, I heard a radio commercial promoting the Hundred Club, a non-profit organization providing benifits to the families of LEO / FF LOD deaths.

Anyone have any info on them?
Are they a legit. corporation? Anyone donate to them?

I found contact info for both the RI and MA chapters, but neither have web sites that i could find.

Any info would be appreciated...
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LenS";p="70327 said:
From the time I was a kid, it was a well known story (don't know how true) that having one of their plaques (used to be bronze, attached to one of the license plate bolts) was a "free pass" if stopped for a MV infraction.

It was supposed to be a fund-raising org. collecting money to help families of fallen officers.

I have no first-hand knowledge of the org. I know that there are some websites that list expenses vs. amount given to cause that the charity represents . . . some of these numbers are shocking, so it pays to check before donating.

I see those blue/red 100 plaques the size of the FOP plaques on plates (the small ones), and never knew what they were for!

Ide rather not be part of that crap....
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