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The bullet flew just feet away from her 3-month-old daughter, who was saved by a bureau in the bedroom and what Camilla Roberts called "the hands of God."

"It could have hit my daughter," said Roberts, a 24-year-old mother of two who was searching for a new home yesterday after the bullet hit hers.
Police are looking for her next-door neighbor, who was identified as James Williams, 24, of Dorchester. He faces charges of illegal possession of a gun, illegal possession of drugs, and discharging a firearm within a dwelling.
A law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation said Williams may have been cleaning a gun when a single shot discharged, piercing the wall of Roberts's apartment on Castlegate Road and narrowly missing the infant.
Roberts was getting her 6-year-old daughter ready for school and preparing a bottle of food, at about 8:30 a.m., when she heard a boom.
She thought nothing of it until the suspect knocked on her door, asking if everyone was OK. That's when she noticed the bullet marks in her bedroom, on a wall and in her bureau. She called her mother, who called police.
The bullet could have hit her baby, who was just feet away in a swing, if it were not for the bureau, she said.
"I was going crazy - couldn't breathe - I was just worried about my daughter and what could have happened," Roberts said.
Police said they entered Williams's apartment and discovered that a bullet had pierced his wall. Later, they executed a search warrant Police said they ound two guns and drugs. A ballistics test will determine whether either of the guns had been involved in the near miss.
Castlegate Road is known gang turf in the Dorchester neighborhood, the scene of notorious gang shootings. The shooting also comes after several instances in which innocent bystanders have been hit by stray gunfire.
Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis has called for tougher penalties for shooters whose gunfire crosses the path of innocent bystanders, saying the offense should become its own category of crime.
Roberts left her home yesterday to stay with a relative and hopes to move to a new apartment without returning to Castlegate.
"I can't stay there," she said. "I can't have my kids there, knowing it could happen again - that it's that easy for a bullet to come through a wall."
Roberts said she realizes she lives in a world where people have guns, but said anyone who has a gun should have a license and know how to use the weapon.
But no one should have a gun in an apartment complex so close to children, she said.
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