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Two men were arrested Monday after police said they found them in possession of two improvised explosive devices outside a gas station on Indianapolis' south side.
Police said the devices, described as mini pipe bombs, were similar to those used in the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, 6News' Derrik Thomas reported.
Gregory Killion, 22, and Daniel Filskov, 18, were arrested late Monday morning at a Shell gas station at the corner of Southport Road and Emerson Avenue.
Indianapolis Metro police were called to the Target store nearby following a shoplifting report. Officers quickly found the vehicle described by witnesses and pulled it over at the gas station.
Officers said they found items that were taken from Target in the vehicle, but something else also caught their eye.
"Two small, improvised homemade explosive devices -- about the size of my thumb," said Sgt. Ron Humbert, of the bomb squad, adding that the bombs were large enough blow off someone's hand.
Police said the bombs were also in plain view, in front seat of the car.
"My buddy had something they said was a bomb and I didn't even know nothing about it," Killion said.
Killion and Filskov were each arrested on charges of possession of destructive devices and theft. Killion was also arrested on charges of battery on a police officer and possession of a controlled substance.
Police said the devices had less than a half-pound of gunpowder in two different containers.
"It was basically the same kind of device that was used at Columbine," said IMPD Lt. Jeff Duhamell. "They are very dangerous … What these guys were up to, we just don't know at this point."

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