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Maynard -
A dispute that police union representatives argue highlights concerns about who has oversight of the police department was aired at the selectmen's meeting Tuesday night.
During the public comment section, police Sgt. Doug MacGlashing, the officers' union representative, told selectmen there had been an incident on Aug. 14 during which a patrol officer was "belittled" and "screamed at" by a town official in Town Hall. MacGlashing said the officer in question also received a threatening phone call from the town official, which was recorded at the police station.
Selectmen Chairman Bob Nadeau said he thought, because the officer and town official had met since the Aug. 14 incident, problems had been resolved.
But MacGlashing said the incident raises a larger question: Who has jurisdiction over the police department? Asking for clarification, the union, with 17 officers' signatures, submitted a letter to selectmen.
While the officers did receive a response from the board, they felt it didn't answer their questions about clarification and departmental accountability, said MacGlashing. The officers were at the meeting Tuesday night to follow up on this request, he said.
If the issue in question was not resolved, said Nadeau, the officer in question should write a detailed letter to selectmen and the issue would be discussed in executive session. Any officer with a grievance should write a detailed letter and submit it to selectmen for further review, he said.
MacGlashing said the issue wasn't about the individual officer - it was about the police department as a whole and who has jurisdiction over the department.
Selectman John Barilone wanted to know if the board had voted on sending a response back to the police officers, because he wasn't aware of it.
"This letter doesn't speak for all of the selectmen," he said.
The police officers' union and the town are currently in the middle of contract negotiations.
The board took no action on the matter.
Reporter Meghan B. Kelly can be reached at 978-371-5758 or [email protected].
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