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Impaled man 'out drinking not stealing'

THE suspected museum thief who was impaled by a sharp spike on the top of a security fence in his rectum for two hours earlier this month says he did not feel any pain because he was drunk.

He denied trying to break into the museum, but claimed he had been in the museum grounds to sleep off a drinking session.
Speaking from the Cambridge West home he shares with his parents and siblings, Siyanda Pasiwe, 32, said he had been drinking somewhere in town that evening.
But because it was late and he was drunk, he decided to go into the museum grounds to sleep it off before walking home.
"I woke up and decided to continue walking home, but when I saw a tree I thought I would be able to jump to the other side," he said.
When he fell on the fence he did not feel the spike piercing his bottom and thought the fence had an electric force that was holding him to it .
"I thought that the electric fence had a mechanism to keep me glued to it," Pasiwe said.
He says he had screamed for someone to come and rescue him and not because he was in pain .
Pasiwe was impaled by a 30cm metal spike at the museum's security fence almost a month ago, after what police suspect was an attempt to break into the museum.
The police said he probably panicked after an alarm went off, after he allegedly broke a glass door.
His screams were heard by a tow truck driver who called the police and fire department.
Fire and rescue workers used an angle grinder to cut the steel spike off the fence.

Medical staff at the hospital, where the spike was removed, said Pasiwe had suffered severe rectal and intestinal injuries .
He was discharged last Thursday and is still undergoing medical check-ups at the hospital.

Although police said he was under police guard during his stay in hospital, on Friday they confirmed that he was discharged without their knowledge .
Spokesperson Mtati Tana said the suspect's case was brought before the East London Magistrate's Court on September 7, but postponed to September 22.
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