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His dream day on the force; 7-year-old gets to be a cop, foil a crime and become a decorated hero in mock heist

By Kendrick Marshall
Chicago Sun-Times

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. - The Buffalo Grove Police Department welcomed a new officer into the ranks and helped make a dream come true.
George Marijan, 7, has acute lymphoblastic leukemia -- a cancer that affects the lymphoid white cells that help fight infection.
Two weeks after he was given the diagnosis this spring, his Palatine home burned down. His family then moved to Buffalo Grove -- and contacted the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois.
George, it turns out, has always wanted to be a cop.
On Oct. 28, Buffalo Grove police made it happen.
It was the perfect day for the new cop as the department had arranged for a "heist" at Burdeen's Jewelry.
George was fitted with a custom police uniform, taught how to handcuff a suspect, learned how to fire several weapons and was assigned to lead the investigation into the fake heist.
More than 50 volunteers from the police and fire departments chipped in to make George's day a special one.
On Wednesday, George was presented with a service award from the village for capturing the suspects, saving hostages and returning a valuable stolen diamond. Not bad for a rookie.
"Georgie . . . made our Thanksgiving," Police Chief Steve Balinski said. "We were lucky to have him in our lives."
It was George's mother, Gordy Stevic, who contacted Make-A-Wish in July for help making her son's wish come true.
"It is a miracle that this has happened for him," Stevic said. "This is something he always wanted to do, and I am happy it was able to happen for him."
Make-A-Wish notified Buffalo Grove police social worker Lisa Fowler of George's wish, and Fowler helped set everything up.
"It is rare that the entire community has a chance to become involved in a wish because usually the child travels away from their hometown," Make-A-Wish spokeswoman Jessica Miller said.
Stevic said George is in remission, and doctors are hopeful the once and future cop will be cured within two years.
"I am thankful for everything the police have done for me," George said.

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