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By Mary Owen
The Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO - More than three dozen police departments in Will County are pooling their law enforcement resources to create the Will County Major Crimes Task Force.
A collaboration of detectives from 37 police departments, the group will come to the aid of smaller departments in complex homicide or other criminal investigations when it begins operating in the fall.
"If you're in a small town and a member of the task force, you can pick up the phone and ask for assistance," said Joliet Police Chief Fred Hayes, president of the Will County Chiefs of Police Association. "That would give them some comfort to know they can bring in some help with investigating a homicide."
Similar regional task forces operate in the Chicago area, including the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force and the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force, which was called out earlier this month to investigate a fatal stabbing in a hotel parking lot in north suburban Lincolnshire.
The south suburban task force has worked 17 cases so far this year, including the February fatal shootings of five women at a Lane Bryant store in Tinley Park. Although the case is still unsolved, the task force quickly activated dozens of detectives from area police departments to assist local police.
Will County State's Atty. James Glasgow said the task force was crucial in investigating the murders in Tinley Park, which straddles Cook and Will Counties.
"They basically saved us on the Tinley Park massacre," he said. "We were stretched to the limit [at the time] with a number of other high-profile cases."
The task force requires participating departments to lend at least one investigator to work on a major crime. Participating departments continue to pay the investigators' salaries and overtime while they assist the requesting jurisdiction.
The task force also works in partnership with the Illinois State Police and the Cook County sheriff's police.
"This is too good of an insurance policy," said Tim McCarthy, Orland Park police chief and chairman of the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force.
The south suburban task force and other multi-agency groups were formed after the murders of seven people at a Brown's Chicken restaurant in Palatine in 1993, McCarthy said. Since started in 1999, the south suburban task force has investigated about 200 homicides, solving about 70 percent of them. Fifty-eight south suburban communities participate in the task force.
In the past, smaller communities could tap the state police or county sheriff's police, but often those agencies would be unable to provide the needed resources.
Grants and a fee paid by participating departments typically fund area task forces, which usually have an office and communications equipment. Earlier this month, the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force received $125,000 in grants from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to help cover its roughly $35,000 in annual expenses, McCarthy said.
Glasgow said he expects that member departments in the Will County task force will pay a small annual fee.
To jump-start the effort, Will County officials recently applied for a $450,000 grant from the Department of Justice. But the task force is expected to start operating in the fall, even if it doesn't get the grant, Glasgow said.

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