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Some nut submitted a link supporting Al Qaeda cell here in the USA and actually expecting me to add it to the LE directory..

Here is their email to me after being rejected...

Well Gil somehow that really doesn't surprise me. I mean after all you people like to think your hunting terrorists and its hard to hunt the ones who are real like me, remember if you change your mind there and would like to help and Al Qaeda cell here in the USA well then send your checks to THE BEAST at my Beast DATE STREET HEMET CA 92543 ADDRESS.
I will continue to provide the support that I provide for Al Qaeda and all other people who are with me in my goal of overthrowing this illegal american government, and I will continue to do so without any cover up or denial.

-----Original Message-----
From: [email protected]
Sent: Jun 17, 2005 8:59 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Link declined

The link you submitted, AL QAEDA RERUITER ( ), has been declined. It was not added to the directory.

Gil Bechtel
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Gil - you think this was for real? Or just some little a-hole f'ing around and breaking a "Cops" websites balls...

I mean, doesn't it sound a little incongruous to approach a heavily police themed website with an asinine request like that?

If it has even a shred of legitimacy, you should forward the headers and IP to the FBI…

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Forward the full message to the FBI and the Task Force.

If it is the real deal, they will grab him up. If is some little sh*t, he will learn a hard lesson about being a fake tough guy.

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Even if that isn't a real thing...the FBI should know. Those are the things they track daily. This person needs to learn the consequences of actions like that. Glad you forwarded it on Belichick.
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