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Idiot B&E Boys hide in the snow...

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The other night when there was a fresh covering a snow on the ground my partner "Mikey" calls off with a guy running through the backyards by a local supermarket. When I arrive I see by the footprints in the snow that he had doubled back. I follow the footprints for a bit and see this idiot all dressed in black lying down in a field of white. (DUH) When I take him down at gun point I sink in three feet of mud (fresh snow covers a swap pretty good) Anyhow the idiot is cuffed and we both manage to get un stuck and back to the cruiser. My partner "Mikey" takes him into custody while I go home for a change of uniform.

I returned a short time latter to see what this idiot was breaking into and I find a second set of foot prints that go through several yards and end at the shoreline to a local pond, there I find an outline where a small boat used to be. Mikey and I head over to the other side of the pond and wait.... about 90 minuets or so and guess who comes out of the woods soaking wet... The other Idiot B&E boy. He denies everything at first then when I tell him I am going to charge him with larceny of the boat he flips out "That piece of shit? I almost drowned in that thing" :lol: We catch him with some stolen goods and he is also taken into custody.

I usually hate the snow but it really worked out for us the other night, that plus the fact that these two are complete idiots. The judge kind of threw a damper on things stating that he really didn't see how the first arrest was disorderly :shock: even with the possession of burglars tools he let em go on personal recog. The second B&E boy didn't have the cash and is being held.

The next day my kid asked me if I would pay him to go play in the snow? I looked at him like he was nuts, he said "well you get payed to go out and play in the snow" :?
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They say the darndest things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW-Gil? did he have a PFD? a Coast Guard Aux Inspection?
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