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'I wanted to save my buddies'

Discussion in 'Military News' started by cc3915, Apr 25, 2011.

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    DRACUT -- Cpl. Brian Cozy's squad was positioned atop a hillside in Afghanistan when gunfire erupted around them.

    Taliban militants ran between the mud huts below and fired machine guns. The dozen or so Marines fired back, but they were easy targets on the downward slope. Cozy, a 24-year-old Dracut native and machine gunner, lay on his stomach in the open, firing. It was Oct. 21 and Cozy had only arrived in the dangerous Helmand province about a month earlier.

    When the gunfire ended, his commander called for the squad to return to base, but as they started to retreat, they came under attack again. Cozy again put himself in danger, manning his machine gun without cover. His commander called for him to move back, but he refused to leave his post until the others were safe.

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