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I-Team: Drivers Say Insurance Device Put Them In Danger On The Road

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    BOSTON (CBS) – You’ve probably seen the ads on TV for a device drivers plug into their cars to save money on insurance premiums. But the I-Team found a growing number of consumers have complained the popular program ended up costing them money, or even put them in danger on the road.

    Massachusetts driver’s car suddenly shuts off

    While shopping around for insurance in March, James Manning was intrigued by the potential insurance savings offered by Progressive Snapshot.

    The company mailed Manning the small device that plugs into the diagnostic port beneath the steering wheel. For a month, Progressive would monitor Manning’s driving habits to see if he traveled late at night or was prone to sudden braking.

    If the results were good, Manning hoped to save up to 30 percent on his monthly premium.

    “I’m a pretty safe driver, but I was driving even safer,” he said.

    However, shortly after installing Snapshot in his 2005 PT Cruiser, Manning noticed random lights on his dashboard flicker.

    James Manning (WBZ-TV)

    And then, as he drove his daughter and nephew to school in Great Barrington, Manning said his car suddenly shut off.

    “It was pretty scary,” he told the I-Team. “I had to yank the car to the right to safely pull it into a parking lot since it didn’t have any power steering or power brakes.”


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