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I need some help/advice if possible.

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About a month ago I was going to make a transaction with this guy that I met on Long story really short I sent him a video card with approximate value listed at $700.00 and he was to send me a computer processor listed at about the same. So I sent the video card over to him, and he “sent” the processor over to me. Well he never really sent the video card; the tracking # that he gave me was a phony one. So I converse a little with him online and he basically says not to trust people online and he tells me that I have learned a valuable lesson from this.

So basically I just got screwed out of $700.00 and that guy is laughing all the way to bank. I have his name, address, I even have a few of the emails and the FedEx tracking # which shows he did sign for it. Is there anything that I can do? I have submitted a complaint with the IFCC and so far I have heard nothing from them.

If I called the law enforcement in Mass where he lives will they be able to do anything? I can’t believe or find it hard to believe that there is nothing that can be done.

Please help me.
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Contact E-bay and report the fraud! They will cover you for up to $400. But you have to act within a certain timeframe. check it out quickly.
[BB said:
The Jackal]Well here is the thing. I pulled the auction to do the deal away from ebay. So they will not help me now.
So endeth the lesson................
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